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Spencer Loggers Tape, Refill & Parts

*** UPDATE *** - We now have an extended range of spare parts for the Spencer Loggers Tape.

Due to customer demand we have now extended our range of spare parts for the Spencer Loggers Tape.

The extended list of parts now includes:

  • [2] Main shaft and gear – Part No. 952
  • [3] Idler gear and pinion – Part No. 953
  • [5] Spacer post with 2 screws – Part No. 955
  • [6] Main spring with housing hub – Part No. 956SA, 926SA, 976SA
  • [12] Nylon guide posts with screws – Part No. 961
  • [13] Hanger and swivel clip (wire) – Part No. 962
  • [15] Release hook “A” – Part No. 963A
  • [18] Tape refill screw – pack of 5 – Part No. 966
  • [19] Post screw – pack of 10 – Part No. 968
  • [21] Hinge, long – Part No. 991L
  • [22] Black plastic end 1/2m – Part No. 992A
  • [26] Rubber stop – Part No. 995
  • [27] Eyelets – pack of 100 – Part No. 996/100
  • [28] Spencer plastic file handle c/w cap – Part No. 9032-01

Other parts are available by request.

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7 January 2020

We are pleased to announce that we have recently extended our offering of Spencer Loggers Tapes & Refills to include a selection of spare parts.

Our range of Spencer Loggers Tape includes both metric and imperial scale tapes, from 15m/50ft to 30m length nylon coated tapes with black graduations and red numbers.

These high-quality loggers tapes are housed in a robust aluminium casing with steel rewind spring and hardened steel gears.


The Spencer Loggers Tapes we sell are supplied with the A-Type hook, commonly known as a nail hook.

This A-Type hook is one of the selection of spare parts available to buy separately as required.

Similarly, the 1/2m black plastic tape end is also available as a spare part.


The aluminium housing for the Spencer Loggers Tape is both lightweight and robust, containing the high-quality steel rewind spring.

Due to the intricate construction of the Loggers Tape rewind mechanism, replacement main springs are supplied as a complete assembly with the housing hub, available in 15m, 20m, 25m and 30m sizes.

In addition to the aluminium housing and rewind spring, the post screws are also available to buy as a spare part, packaged in bags of 10 screws.


We aim to hold enough stocks of all our Spencer Loggers Tapes, Refills and parts in order to meet demand for immediate supply.

If the Loggers Tape size or spare part you require is either not listed, or not available with enough stock to meet your requirements, please do give us a call, or email and we will endeavour to assist you with what you need.

We offer a range of shipping options to suit all requirements, from premium next day delivery for urgent purchases to cheaper slower delivery options of a few days for customers in less of a hurry.

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