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Tree Planting Spades and Rabbiting Spades

As we move into the tree planting season, we are pleased to offer a growing range of tree planting spades and rabbiting spades from well-known brands including Spear and Jackson and Richard Carter.

Whether you are tree planting, transplanting shrubs and bushes or digging fence post holes, we have the ideal tool for you. Our range includes extra-long socket tree planting spades for heavy duty use and digging heavy clay soil and treaded spades for increased comfort whilst digging.

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Spear & Jackson Tree Planting Spade

S&J Tree Planting SpadeThe solid socket Tree Planting Spade from Spear & Jackson comes with 28” Ash handle, including the extra long socket for added strength, and metal YD hilt.

Also known as a rabbiting spade, this tool is ideal for tree planting and digging fence posts, particularly in heavy clay soil.

With a powder coated head for resistance against scratches and rust, this heavy-duty tree planting spade even passes the BS3388 load test for strength.

Treaded Planting & Rabbiting Spade

Treaded Planting SpadeThe solid socket Treaded Rabbiting Spade from Richard Carter has a long socket and 28” Ash MYD handle and is perfect for digging in confined spaces.

Also known as a Poachers Spade or Transplanting Spade, the rounded blade is ideal for digging fence post holes.

For improved comfort and grip whilst digging, this treaded planting spade has a flat tread which helps to protect the user’s feet whilst digging.

Heavy Duty Rabbiting Spade

HD Rabbiting SpadeThe solid socket Rabbiting Spade from Richard Carter is a heavy duty and very strong tool, perfect for digging post holes and narrow trenches.

With a 28” Ash MYD handle has a long socket for strength and a rectangular blade.

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