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Tree Planting Spear for Saplings & Bulbs

Tree Planting SpearYou can now buy the Richard Carter Tree Planting Spear from TreeMarker – a unique tool that is specially designed for the planting of tree saplings and flower bulbs.

The narrow, spear like blade is easy to use and creates the perfect size planting hole with a simple push and lever movement into the ground.

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Richard Carter Tree Planting Spear

The Tree Planting Spear from Richard Carter is a lightweight treaded tree planter spade that has been specifically developed for planting saplings and bulbs.

With a narrow and angled blade, weighing only 1.5 KG, and with a 28” Ash shaft and T-Handle, this tree planting spear is easy to carry and use.

To dig a perfect size transplanting hole, simply tread the spear firmly into the ground and gently lever the spade back and forwards using the T-Handle.

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