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Wedge Prism Relascopes – 2/3/4 BAF

*** UPDATE *** - We now stock Wedge Prism Relascopes in 2/3/4 BAF.

Wedge-Prism-Relascope-2-4-BAFIn addition to the previously listed 2 BAF and 4 BAF Wedge Prism Relascopes, we have now added 3 BAF to the range.

All of our relascopes are available with the option of a 1m stainless steel ball bead neck chain.

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10 October 2019

As part of our ongoing commitment to grow the range of products we offer, we are pleased to announce that we now stock our popular Wedge Prism Forestry Relascope rated as a 4 BAF prism, in addition to 2 BAF.

Both the 2 BAF and 4 BAF Wedge Prism Relascopes are clear glass, rectangular optical prisms, manufactured in the UK to exacting standards and specification.

As with all rectangular wedge prisms, they provide a narrow-sharp image for good results in dense forest.

For convenience we offer a stainless-steel ball bead chain, sold separately, to be used in conjunction with our Relascope. Using the chain, the Relascope can be worn around the neck whilst being used in the forest and can assist with holding the prism at a comfortable distance from the eye when sampling trees.


Because our Relascope prisms are made from clear glass, they offer a superior durability over plastic Relascopes due to the reduced likelihood of scratching.

In addition, for protection and convenient storage, our Wedge Prism Relascopes are supplied with a leather pouch.

As with all optical lenses, we recommend regular cleaning with a microfibre cleaning cloth. These can also be purchased from the TreeMarker website, to help care for your Wedge Prism Relascope.



In the event that you need to correct for slope during point sampling, we also supply precision hand-held clinometers from Suunto.

These popular instruments, for example the PM-5/360 PC Clinometer and PM-5/1520 Optical Height Meter, allow for quick and easy measurement of vertical angles and slopes.

With Wedge Prisms, on the ground compensation can be appropriately made by tilting the top edge of the Relascope by the angle of the estimated slope (i.e. to align with the slope).



The Wedge Prism Relascopes currently available from TreeMarker are rated Basal Area Factor 2, 3 or 4, using metric units of measurement.

They are rectangular, clear glass optical prisms which should be held at a convenient distance from the eye when sampling trees, in a vertical position with a landscape orientation so right angles to the line of site.



As with all our stock, we endeavour to hold enough inventory of our Wedge Prism Relascopes to meet demand. The TreeMarker website is configured to only allow in stock purchases, with out of stock items clearly shown. The reason for this is to avoid disappointment and delay, so we can deliver on our high standards and commitments to providing excellent customer service.



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We accept all major credit cards available in the UK, namely VISA, Mastercard and American Express.


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