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Weiss Velometer 305 Measuring Wheel

Weiss Velometer 305 Measuring WheelWe are pleased to announce that we have recently added a Weiss Measuring Wheel to our growing range of Mark & Measure tools and equipment.

The first measuring wheel we have on offer is the Weiss Velometer 305 Measuring Wheel.

Weiss Velometer 305

The Velometer 305 measuring wheel from Weiss is a lightweight (1.7 KG) measuring instrument with a measuring range of just under 10 km in 10 cm increments (0.1m resolution) and accuracy of 0.05%.

With a foldable aluminium guide rod, the measuring wheel compacts to a space saving transport size of 33 x 50 cm and includes a practical carrying case.

During use, the Velometer 305 Measuring Wheel has a handy fold out parking bracket for a secure and stable stand, the brake and reset levers are conveniently located on the handle, and the precision counter counts in both the forward and backward directions.

Furthermore, the patented gear rod from Weiss ensures the highest accuracy and strength and longevity in use.

The Weiss Velometer 305 Measuring Wheel is a practical, easy to use and robust measuring instrument and an ideal choice for distance measurement in open spaces.

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