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Weiss V-Frame and Fast Winder Tape Measures

We are pleased to announce that we have extended our range of Weiss Measuring Tapes to include the Weiss Open Frame and Fast Winder Tape varieties, in 30m and 50m tape lengths.

Currently available are the Weiss Aluminium V-Frame Tape Measure, which is designed for fatigue-free measuring work, and the Weiss Fast Winder Tape Measure with 3x faster tape rewind.

Weiss measuring tapes are made from high quality and durable materials, which are both robust and easy to use.

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Angled Aluminium V-Frame Tape Measure

Weiss Aluminium V-Frame Measuring Tape - Type 900This lightweight tape measure is ergonomically designed with an angled handle and a torsion resistant frame to ensure ease of use and fatigue free measuring work.

The Aluminium V-Frame tape measure features a metal axle for durability and long-term use, and a crank knob which is designed to protect fingertips from injury.

Currently available in 30m and 50m lengths, the 13mm white fibreglass tape has both metric graduations on the topside and imperial graduations on the underside of the tape.

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Fast Winder Measuring Tape

Weiss Fast Winder Tape Measure - Type 400With a highly shatter proof ABC case and 3:1 gear ratio for 3x faster tape rewind, the Weiss Fast Winder Measuring tape is light weight and easy to use.

Design features include an ergonomically formed handle with non-slip rubber covering, and metal inserts on the crank arm to add strength and durability.

To prevent cutting damage to the ABS housing during fast tape rewind, there are metal inserts on the plastic frame; and a shock absorber protects the plastic ring with foldable hook tape end even when the tape is rewound quickly.

The Weiss faster winder tape measure is currently available in 30m and 50m lengths, with both metric and imperial graduations.

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