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Spear & Jackson Predator Bow Saw

Spear & Jackson Predator Bow Saw 21" [B9821BOWSAW]

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Spear & Jackson Predator Bow Saw 21" [B9821BOWSAW]Spear & Jackson Predator Bow Saw 24" [B9824BOWSAW]

Spear & Jackson Predator Bow Saw

4TPI Carbon Steel Blade, hard pointed for maximum durability and performance.

A coarse cutting saw for use across the grain.

Fitted with Peg Tooth blade for hard / dry wood.

Replacement blades available for hard/dry and soft/green wood.


  • 21" (530mm) [B9821BOWSAW]
  • 24" (610mm) [B9824BOWSAW]


  • Tension adjuster for faster, cleaner cuts for longer.
  • Soft feel ergonomic handle/handle guard for safety and comfort.
  • Tubular steel frame for strength and rigidity.
  • Easy, rapid blade change mechanism.
  • Hardened and tempered carbon steel blade.
  • Comes fitted with Peg Tooth Blade.
  • Blades are available for cutting both hard (Peg tooth) and soft/green wood (Raker tooth).

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