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Aluminium Tree Tags – Product Update

*** UPDATE *** - We now offer Aluminium Tree Tags Pre-Wired for your Convenience.

Following customer feedback, we are pleased to announce that you can now purchase our aluminium tree tags pre-wired for your convenience.

This option is available for all pack sizes from 100 to 1000 and in all number ranges from 1-100 to 9001-9999.

Regardless of the total pack size, the aluminium tree tags are prewired in individual packs of 100 sequentially numbered tree tags.

For example, a pack of 1-1000 tree tags would contain ten individually wired packs of number ranges 1-100, 101-200, all the way up to 901-1000.

Currently the pre-wired aluminium tree tags are offered key ring style wire to offer you the greatest flexibility in use.

Our pre-wired aluminium tree tags are available both with or without nails, depending on your requirements.

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02 April 2020

As part of our commitment to customers, and in response to requests for numbered tree tags not included in the standard range, we have extended the number range on offer in the 500-pack size of sequentially numbered aluminium tree tags.

You can now buy packs of 500 tree tags in the following number ranges:

  • 1 – 500
  • 501 – 1000
  • 1001 – 1500
  • 1501 – 2000
  • 2001 – 2500
  • 2501 – 3000

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As with all our aluminium tree tags, these are available either with or without nails, depending on your tree tagging requirements.


TreeMarker probably has the widest number range and pack size choice of aluminium tree tags, available for immediate purchase via our easy to shop website, in the UK.

The Sequentially Numbered Aluminium Tree Tags from TreeMarker are available in the following pack sizes and number ranges:

Pack of 50: 1-50 | 51-100

Pack of 100: 1-100 | 101-200 | ... | 901-1000

Pack of 200: 1-200 | 201-400 | ... | 801-1000

Pack of 500: 1-500 | 501-1000 | ... | 2501-3000

Pack of 1000: 1-1000 | 1001-2000 | ... | 9001-9999


Furthermore, the TreeMarker website is configured so you can only purchase in stock items, so if the pack size and number range of Aluminium Tree Tags is listed, you can be sure we have the stock on the shelves to fulfill your order.


The Aluminium Tree Tags from TreeMarker have the following specification:

  • Round with 25mm / 1” Diameter
  • Thickness – 0.5mm – pressed from rolled Aluminium
  • Embossed Numerals (available from 0001 to 9999)
  • Punched Holes – top and bottom (if required, but a single 25mm Aluminium Clout Nail will suffice)
  • Pack sizes of 50, 100, 200, 500 & 1000
  • Extensive Number Range

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