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Berthoud Knapsack Sprayers & Accessories

Berthoud Knapsack Sprayers & Accessories are now available to purchase from TreeMarker.

The range currently includes the Vermorel 2000 Pro Comfort and Cosmos 18 Pro Sprayers, alongside a selection of popular sprayer accessories, including lances, triggers, and nozzles.

Berthoud sprayers are designed for performance and comfort and are backed by a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty on all manual sprayers greater than 2L.

Berthoud Vermorel 2000 Pro Comfort Knapsack Sprayer

Berthoud Vermorel 2000 Pro Comfort Knapsack SprayerThe Vermorel 2000 is a high-performance backpack sprayer with a high-capacity air bell resulting in a 50% lower pump rate compared to a conventional sprayer; and has a 1 to 5 bar adjustable pressure limiter to optimize flow rate for the type of treatment.

This sprayer is designed for maximum user comfort, with features including a specially designed back frame and harness for optimal weight distribution and support; and a left/right reversible pump lever which can be fully adjusted to the most comfortable position for the user.

Berthoud Cosmos 18 Pro Knapsack Sprayer

Berthoud Cosmos 18 Pro Knapsack SprayerThe Cosmos 18 Pro is a high-performance piston pump producing up to 6 bars of sustained pressure.

Designed for spraying large gardens, orchards, and vineyards; a built-in mixer ensures homogenous liquid quality and maintains uniformity of treatment whilst spraying.

Features include stainless steel bearings in the air tank for perfect anti-leak tightness, reversible left/right pumping lever, and an ergonomically designed wand grip to keep your hand and wrist in a natural position.

Berthoud Accessories

In addition to the Berthoud Sprayers, we also stock a wide range of accessories and spare parts.

The selection includes lances, triggers, hose, spray shield and nozzle packs, as well as maintenance kits, seals, and consumables.

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