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Spear & Jackson Hooks, Slashers & Tree Planting Spade

Spear & Jackson Tree Planting Spade [1047MY]We are pleased to announce that we now stock and sell Spear & Jackson Hand Tools, with an initial selection of Hooks & Slashers and the MYD Tree Planting / Rabbiting spade.

Having recently partnered with next day courier APC, we are now able to sell larger and heavier products, including hand tools.

Over the coming months we will continue to add more brands and extend the range of hand tools we offer.

The current Spear & Jackson selection includes the following tools.

Spear & Jackson Grass Hooks

Spear & Jackson Grass HooksWe currently have two grass hooks in the range; the John Riley Irish Hook [4717BT] which is a traditional style grass hook for cutting through rough grass and weeds, and the Razorsharp Little Giant Grass Hook [4731SL] which has a replaceable 12” blade and is ideal for slicing through grass, undergrowth and nettles.

Spear & Jackson Bill Hooks

Spear & Jackson BillhooksThese are a traditional style of billhook for hedgerow maintenance and hedge laying.

There are three styles: the Newton Bill Hook [4501BZ] and Southern Counties Bill Hook [4516AZ] offering 10” single sided cutting blades; and the Stafford Bill Hook [4550AP] with a 10” double sided blade.

Spear & Jackson Slashers and Brushing Hooks

The long-handled slashers and brushing hooks are traditional style tools with cutting blades of varying curvature and length depending on preference and specific use.

All are ideal for thinning, trimming, and clearing brush thickets.

Spear & Jackson SlashersThe Heavy-Duty Edge Slashers are available in two styles; a Single Edge Slasher [4601BT] and a Double Edge Slasher [4604BY], both have a forged carbon steel blade and oval section hardwood handle for strength and user comfort.

The West Country Staff Brushing Hook [4655BM] has a single edge cutting blade with a 15” long curved hook.

The Irish Slasher [4605BU] has a 16” single cutting blade with a shallow curvature and M6 nut and bolt head and handle assembly.

The Heavy-Duty Brushing Slasher [4607CE] has a 16” single cutting blade with a shallow curvature and double rivet head and handle assembly.

Spear & Jackson Tree Planting SpadeSpear & Jackson Tree Planting / Rabbiting Spade [1047MY]

This is a heavy-duty spade, ideal for tree planting, digging clay soil, transplanting small shrubs and bushes, and for digging fence post holes.

With a metal YD handle, extra-long socket for added strength, and forged carbon steel tapered blade, the MYD Tree Planting Spade from Spear & Jackson easily passes the BS3388 Load Test.

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