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Cooper Pegler CP15/3 Evolution Comfort Diaphragm Sprayer

CP 15 Classic 15L Diaphragm Sprayer

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Cooper Pegler Evolution Comfort Knapsack Sprayer

Backpack sprayer with advanced carrying system and adjustable hand operated lever.

Diaphragm sprayer with few moving parts of which none are exposed to friction, thus ensuring resistance to dirt in the spray liquid and low levels of maintenance.


  • CP 15 Evolution Comfort 15 Litre Sprayer (no. 848258)
  • CP 3 Evolution Comfort 20 Litre Sprayer (no. 848255)


  • Yellow Hollow Cone Nozzle – produces conical pattern of line, light droplets specifically for use with insecticides & fungicides.
  • Green Anvil Nozzle - produces a wide pattern of heavy droplets to avoid chemical drift and damage to adjacent plants.


  • Optimal comfort safety harness – reinforced harness with waist strap and back support for improved sprayer weight distribution (70% on the hips / 30% on the shoulders).
  • Diaphragm pump for easy and effective spraying with only a few moving parts of which none are exposed to friction.
  • High resistance GRP (Glass fibre Reinforced Plastic) lance.
  • Reinforced hose for greater pressure resistance.
  • Adjustable reinforced lever for left / right hand operation.
  • Lid with separate seal and air vent for secure locking.
  • Wide filler opening to prevent overflow.
  • Pressure control valve with fixed settings for spraying herbicides or insecticides & fungicides.
  • UV stabilised polypropylene tank for a durable yet lightweight sprayer.
  • Weight (empty): 4.3 KG (CP15/15L), 4.8 KG (CP3/20L).



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