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Cooper Pegler Flat Fan Nozzle Pack

CP Flat Fan Nozzle Pack

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CP Flat Fan Nozzle PackCP Flat Fan Nozzle Pack - Single Pack

Cooper Pegler Flat Fan Nozzle Pack [750285]

Based on the Cooper Pegler Flat Fan Nozzle Pack 750285.

Fits all Cooper Pegler knapsack sprayers with a standard lance and trigger assembly.

Precision Moulded Nozzles, available in Single (Sx1 of each nozzle) or Double (Dx2 of each nozzle) packs.

Pack Contents:

  • Hypro F110-01 Orange Flat Fan Nozzles (Sx1/Dx2)
  • Hypro F110-02 Yellow Flat Fan Nozzles (Sx1/Dx2)
  • Hypro F110-03 Blue Flat Fan Nozzles (Sx1/Dx2)
  • Hypro F110-04 Red Flat Fan Nozzles (Sx1/Dx2)
  • Hypro F110-05 Brown Flat Fan Nozzles (Sx1/Dx2)
  • Hypro F110-08 White Flat Fan Nozzles (Sx1/Dx2)
  • 18 mm nozzle retaining cap (Sx1/Dx1)
  • Nozzle filter (Sx1/Dx1)
  • Nozzle backing washer (Sx2/Dx2)


  • Pressure Range: 1 -4 bar (15 - 60 psi)
  • Spray Angle Tolerance: +/- 5%
  • Spray Width: 1m at distance of 50cm from target area

Download: Cooper Pegler Nozzle Output Chart

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