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Cooper Pegler Sprayers

Cooper Pegler CP2 Mini-Pro 1.5L Handheld Sprayer

Cooper Pegler CP2 MiniPro Handheld Sprayer – 1.5 L

The CP2 MiniPro Handheld Compression Sprayer with 3 bar pressure and Ergonomic pumping handle for effortless pumping.

£16.95 ex VAT

CP 5 Maxipro Sprayer

Cooper Pegler CP5/8 Maxipro Handheld Sprayer

The CP MaxiPro Handheld Compression Sprayer featuring professional trigger system with integrated filter, for efficient spraying of herbicides or insecticides & fungicides.

From £59.00 ex VAT

CP 3 Classic 20L Diaphragm Sprayer

Cooper Pegler CP15/3 Classic Diaphragm Knapsack Sprayer

The CP Classic Knapsack Sprayer with 1 bar and 3 bar pressure control valve for spraying herbicides or insecticides & fungicides.

From £149.95 ex VAT

CP 15 Series 2000 15L Piston Pump Sprayer

Cooper Pegler CP15/3 Series 2000 Piston Pump Knapsack Sprayer

The CP Series 2000 knapsack sprayer with shoulder harness and hand operated piston pump; designed for maximum comfort and safety to deliver reliable and efficient spraying performance.

From £149.95 ex VAT

CP 15 Classic 15L Diaphragm Sprayer

Cooper Pegler CP15/3 Evolution Comfort Diaphragm Sprayer

The CP Evolution Comfort Knapsack Sprayer featuring reinforced harness with waist strap and back support for improved weight distribution, designed to reduce the negative impacts on the spine.

From £149.95 ex VAT