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Tree Planting

Tree Planting Bag - Medium - Front

Tree Planting Bag

Tree Planting Bag | Medium 58x35x18cm | Large 73x50x18cm | Constructed from hard wearing & waterproof Plasticotta.

From £31.50 ex VAT

S&J Tree Planting Spade

Spear & Jackson Tree Planting/Rabbiting Spade MYD

Heavy-duty spade for digging heavy clay soil. Ideal for planting trees and shrubs and for digging fence post holes. Powder coated carbon steel head.

£32.95 ex VAT

Tree Planting Spear

Richard Carter Tree Planting Spear 28" Ash (T - Handle)

Tree Planting Spear with 28" Ash T- Handle, specially developed for planting saplings & bulbs.

£44.95 ex VAT

Heavy Duty Rabbiting Spade

Richard Carter Heavy Duty Rabbiting Spade Ash MYD

Solid Socket Rabbiting Spade for digging post holes and narrow trenches.

£35.95 ex VAT

Treaded Planting Spade

Richard Carter Treaded Planting/Rabbiting Spade Ash MYD

Solid Socket Treaded Planting/Rabbiting Spade with Ash MYD Handle.

£35.95 ex VAT

Spear & Jackson Tubular Steel Newcastle Draining Tool [2153AE]

Spear & Jackson Tubular Steel Newcastle Draining Shovel MYD

A solid forged heavy-duty shovel specifically for extending narrow trenches, drainage channels, plus laying pipes, and cables, with 16"(406mm) Blade and MYD Handle.

£21.00 ex VAT

Richard Carter Newcastle Drainer All Steel

Richard Carter Newcastle Drainer Shovel (All Steel MYD)

Designed for digging deep and narrow trenches, channels, and post holes. Often known as a 'grafter' in some trades.

£27.50 ex VAT