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Cooper Pegler Sprayers & Accessories

Cooper Pegler Sprayers & Accessories are now available to purchase from TreeMarker.

The range currently includes the Cooper Pegler Knapsack Sprayers and the main accessories, including lances, nozzles, nozzle booms and spray shields.

Cooper Pegler Sprayers are high quality and long-lasting products that are both durable and reliable, backed by a 3-year warranty on all manual sprayers greater than 2L.

CP 15 Series 2000 15L Piston Pump SprayerCooper Pegler Series 2000 Piston Pump Knapsack Sprayers

The CP Series 2000 knapsack sprayer is a hand operated piston pump sprayer, complete with adjustable shoulder harness with pads, and is designed to safely deliver reliable and efficient spraying.

The piston pump can be configured for left or right-handed operation and produces a wide pressure range for a variety of spraying applications, whilst also being easy to clean and service.

Available in two sizes: the CP15 15L [846341] and the CP3 20L [846361] models.

Cooper Pegler Diaphragm Knapsack Sprayers

CP 3 Classic 20L Diaphragm SprayerThe diaphragm pump sprayer from Cooper Pegler is cleverly designed to have few moving parts of which none are exposed to friction, offering a higher level of comfort and spraying performance when compared to piston pumps.

Furthermore, because diaphragm pump sprayers do not require lubrication, they have the added benefit of being low maintenance.

Available in both the CP15 (15L) or CP3 (20L) sizes, either as the Classic [846255/CP15 & 846320/CP3] or the Evolution Comfort [848258/CP15 & 848255/CP3] models.

Cooper Pegler Maxipro Handheld Sprayers

The Maxipro range of handheld compression sprayers from Cooper Pegler feature a professional trigger system with integrated filter and come supplied with a non-absorbent shoulder strap.

CP 5 Maxipro SprayerAvailable as the 5L CP5 [846249] and the 8L CP8 [846250].

Cooper Pegler Accessories

Complementing the Cooper Pegler knapsack Sprayers is a wide range of accessories and spare parts.

The main accessories include GRP lances of varying lengths, as well as telescopic lances; various nozzle packs for all the different spraying applications; nozzle booms to extend the spraying width when spraying over large areas; and spray shields to focus the spray area to reduce chemical drift away from the plants or path when spraying herbicides, insecticides, or fungicides.

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