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Cooper Pegler CP15/3 Classic Diaphragm Knapsack Sprayer

CP 3 Classic 20L Diaphragm Sprayer

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Cooper Pegler Classic Diaphragm Knapsack Sprayer

Backpack sprayer with shoulder straps and hand operated reinforced lever.

Unique CP Diaphragm Pump – low maintenance sprayers with a friction free diaphragm giving a higher level of comfort and spraying performance compared to piston pumps.


  • CP 15 Classic 15 Litre Sprayer (no. 846255)
  • CP 3 Classic 20 Litre Sprayer (no. 846320)


  • Yellow Hollow Cone Nozzle – produces conical pattern of line, light droplets specifically for use with insecticides & fungicides.
  • Green Anvil Nozzle - produces a wide pattern of heavy droplets to avoid chemical drift and damage to adjacent plants.


  • Diaphragm pump: durable, low maintenance (no lubrication required) and friction free.
  • High resistance lance and trigger made from composite material for extended life.
  • Brass components for excellent durability.
  • Adjustable reinforced lever for left / right hand operation.
  • Adjustable straps with comfortable shoulder pads and carrying handle.
  • Lid with seal for secure locking.
  • Wide filler hole to prevent overflow when filling.
  • Reinforced hose for high resistance.
  • 1 bar and 3 bar pressure control valve for spraying herbicides or insecticides & fungicides.
  • Translucent resistant UK tank for a durable yet lightweight sprayer.
  • Weight (empty): 4.9 KG (CP15/15L), 5.2 KG (CP3/20L).
  • 3 Years Manufacturer’s Warranty (conditions apply).



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