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Fluo TP Inverted Marker Spray Paint 500ml

Soppec Fluo TP Marker Spray 500ml

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Soppec Fluo TP Marker Spray 500mlFluo TP 500ml - BlueFluo TP 500ml - CeriseFluo TP 500ml - GreenFluo TP 500ml - OrangeFluo TP 500ml - RedFluo TP 500ml - Yellow

Soppec Fluo TP Inverted Marker Spray Paint 500ml - Hi Vis Spray with 1 Year Marking Life.

Highly visible & fluorescent marker spray for inverted use with the nozzle at the top centre of the can.

Ideal for identification marking and setting-out, civil engineering works, highways, earthworks, pipework, and construction.

A popular choice for surveyors.


  • 500ml Inverted Aerosol Marker Spray (ideal for Ground and Spot Marking)
  • High Visibility Fluo Colours
  • Marking Life Duration of 12 Months (1 Year)
  • Can be used in Temperatures of -20°C to 50°C
  • Precise Nozzle located Top Centre of can for inverted spraying (e.g. point down at ground and spray)
  • Rapid drying – approx. 10 minutes.




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