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Tempo TP Inverted Marker Spray Paint 500ml

Tempo TP Marker Spray 500ml - Various

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Tempo TP Marker Spray 500ml - VariousTempo TP Marker Spray 500ml - BlueTempo TP Marker Spray 500ml - CeriseTempo TP Marker Spray 500ml - GreenTempo TP Marker Spray 500ml - OrangeTempo TP Marker Spray 500ml - RedTempo TP Marker Spray 500ml - WhiteTempo TP Marker Spray 500ml - Yellow

Soppec Tempo TP Inverted Marker Spray Paint 500ml – Temporary Fluo Spray with 2-8 Week Marking Life.

Inverted Fluo Marker Paint designed for all applications requiring the use of an inverted marker which gives high visibility markings.

Typical uses include forestry operations, landscaping, surveying, groundworks, utilities tracing and marking.

Fine nozzle allows clear writing and markings, where required, as well as spot marking.


  • 500ml Inverted Aerosol Marker Spray (ideal for Ground and Spot Marking)
  • High Visibility Fluo Colours
  • Marking Life Duration of 2 to 8 weeks
  • Can be used in Temperatures of -20°C to 50°C
  • Precise Nozzle located Top Centre of can for inverted spraying (e.g. point down at ground and spray)
  • Temporary surface marking where natural fading out is required
  • Chalk-based Paint is erasable under mechanically means (e.g. water spray, low pressure cleaner, brushes)
  • Suitable for use in Protected Areas and Urban Environment




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