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Strong Tree Marker Spray Paint 500ml

Soppec Strong Marker Spray 500ml

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Soppec Strong Marker Spray 500mlStrong Marker Spray 500ml - BlackStrong Marker Spray 500ml - BlueStrong Marker Spray 500ml - GreenStrong Marker Spray 500ml - OrangeStrong Marker Spray 500ml - RedStrong Marker Spray 500ml - WhiteStrong Marker Spray 500ml - Yellow

Soppec Strong Tree Marker Spray Paint 500ml with 4–6 Years Marking Life.

Strong Marker Aerosol paint is a forestry marker perfectly adapted to the long duration marking needs of the forestry industry. Use for long-term marking of trees, delimitation of stands and forestry plots, boundary marking, to mark trees to be left to grown on, and indicating hiking trails.

Non-fluorescent, high visibility, long-term forestry marker.

Excellent adhesive properties and a high coverage rate combined with high weather resistance, a marking life of 4 to 6 years.

Fine nozzle allows clear writing and markings, where required.


  • 500ml Upright Aerosol Marker Spray
  • Non-Fluorescent, High Visibility Colours
  • Excellent Adhesion and High Coverage on all Timber Surfaces
  • Very Good Weather Resistance
  • Marking Life Duration of 4 to 6 Years.
  • Can be used in Temperatures of -20°C to 50°C
  • Drying Time: 1 – 1.5 Hours




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