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Axes, Mauls & Hatchets

Richard Carter 1.5 LB Hand Axe 14" Hickory

Richard Carter – Hand Axe

Hand Axes are ideal for trimming stray branches and splitting firewood.

From £15.95 ex VAT

Hatchet with Fibreglass Handle [7704FG]

Spear & Jackson Hatchet with Fibreglass Handle

Spear & Jackson 0.4 KG Hatchet with Fibreglass Handle, ideal for cutting.

£16.95 ex VAT

Richard Carter 4.5 LB Felling Axe 36" Hickory

Richard Carter – Felling Axe

Felling axes are ideal for felling small trees and clearing branches.

From £22.25 ex VAT

Richard Carter 6 LB Splitting Maul 36" Hickory

Richard Carter – Log Splitting Maul

Log Splitting Mauls are ideal for splitting logs for firewood.

From £29.50 ex VAT